Sunrise Cash Cow Code Word 2020


Get the Sunrise Cash Cow Code Word and win a plethora of cash daily! Entrants can participate in the competition by phone, text, or online and get a chance to win a minimum of $10,000 each weekend.

Sunrise is an Australian breakfast show program and runs from 5:30 am to 9:00 am on Seven Networks. Watch Sunrise for the daily cash cow codeword then send via message, phone, or any other medium with your basic details. The sunrise team will call themselves to the potential winner form received eligible entries. Make sure the entrant picks up the phone within 3 rings to redeem your reward.

sunrise cash cow

How can I enter Sunrise Cash Cow Competition?

To enter this competition, the participant must have to watch Sunrise episodes from Monday to Friday on Seven Network during the competition period. During the broadcast of the Sunrise program, the viewers will get an invitation to enter the competition and reveal the sunrise cash cow codeword.

You can enter the competition by SMS, or online

  • A one SMS entry with a code of 160 characters will be chargeable at the premium rate of $0.55 (including GST). If the characters limit is exceeded more than 160, then extra charges will be applicable. Characters may be any text, image, emotion, or any other special characters.
  • By online go on this link via your smartphone. Make sure your WiFi is turned off while entering in the competition. Like SMS entry, the online entry will also be chargeable according to the selection, that is, $0.55, $1.05, $2.50, $7.00 or $9.00, including GST) and may include download charges.

The smartphone or online option service will not be available to Vodafone, Virgin or Telstra customers. After getting the sunrise cash cow code, the entrant sends an SMS which contains code word, your full name, and address to 19777077.

From the receiving entries, the potential winner will be selected during the following day’s program, and Sunrise team members themselves make a call to the winner. And if he/she may answer the phone within 3 rings, they will be awarded the prize money. For more details and dates and timing of the program, read the terms and conditions of the program.

Sunrise Cash Cow Code Word 2020

Missed today’s episode, No need to worry as we will update the Today’s Cash cow code word every day. Just bookmark the post and keep checking daily!

Entry Date: Code Word:
28/09/2020 PRETTY ($30K Jackpot)
29/09/2020 GRAZE ($10K Jackpot)
30/09/2020 NEIGH ($10K Jackpot)
01/10/2020 FIELD ($20K Jackpot)
02/10/2020 GARDEN ($10K Jackpot)
05/10/2020 RANCH ($20K Jackpot)
06/10/2020 MEADOW ($30K Jackpot)
07/10/2020 CHICKEN ($40K Jackpot)
08/10/2020 LAWN ($10K Jackpot)
09/10/2020 CLAIM ($20K Jackpot)

Sunrise Cash Cow Competition 2020

Eligibility: The competition will be open to the legal residents of Australia who are the age of 18 years or older. And also available to those areas where Seven Network Signal is received. Employees and team members of Sunrise are not eligible to enter.

Duration: The competition starts on Monday 29 June 2020 at 5:30 AEST and ends on Wednesday 23 December 2020 at 16:30 AEDT.

Prize(s): The potential winner will get the prize of a minimum $10,000 on each day. If the winner receives the phone within 3 calls, then he/she will be awarded. If not answer, then he/she will receive only $500 and the prize will be transferred or call to other potential winner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Cash Cow work?

Watch the Sunrise program 128 days, and on each day the visitors get daily code and enter the competition via SMS or online by using your smartphone. Remember this SMS facility and online will be charged according to the terms and conditions of this competition.

Why can I no longer enter by calling the 1902 number?

Due to some reason, our number is not in service and phone lines have been stopped by the telephone number provider in Australia. You can at present enter through SMS (19 777 077) or smartphone.

What’s the Cash Cow code word for today?

For sunrise codeword today, you have to watch the latest Sunrise program. Due to some reason, if you missed today’s program then go on this link

When is Cash Cow drawn?

The potential winner will be selected randomly from received eligible entries on every day of the week. The sunrise team will call to the winner on the following day to claim the prize only if he/she picks up call within 3 rings.

What should I say when the Cash Cow calls?

Don’t need to say anything on the call. Just answer the call within 3 rings to win the prize. If you do not answer the call, then the prize will be awarded to another eligible entrant.

Why haven’t I received a confirmation SMS?

Some of the time of popularity confirmation messages cannot be shown. Try not to stress, however, as though you are charged, then you are in the draw.


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