Starbucks For Life 2019 Rare Pieces


It’s time to play Starbucks for Life Game 2019 – 2020, one of the hottest Starbucks annual promotion. There are (5) GRAND PRIZES of Starbucks for Life. In addition to this, you could also win tons of other COOL Prizes such as Starbucks for a year to 1 month, free food coupons, PlayStation 4 system and much more.

To win a prize from Starbucks Collect & Win Game, you need to collect game pieces and if you are looking for which one is a rare piece so that you could win your favorite prize from the Starbucks holiday Game then you have come to the correct place. In this post, I will give you a complete list of all Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2019. Read on to know more.

Before that, let’s check out how you can play this fun game.

How To Play Starbucks for Life Game 2019?

  • First off, You have to become a member of Starbucks’ rewards program then you can take part in the Starbucks For Life Holiday Game 2019.
  • Visit during the duration of the promotion and sign in via your Starbucks’ rewards account.
  • You will get (1) gameplay for signing up for the promotion and seeing the “Onboarding” experience (For first visit only).

starbucks holiday game rare pieces

How To obtain Starbucks For Life Game Pieces?

Purchase: Goto to any nearest participating Starbucks retail location across the United States and Canada and make a qualifying purchase using a Starbucks Card which linked to your Starbucks Rewards account. After that, go to the official promotion site and sign in to your account and you will receive (1) gameplay in your account. Follow the mentioned instructions to avail your gameplay to win either an instant win prize or Collect and Win Game Piece.

Free: If you don’t wanna spend a dime to enter, then visit and follow the instructions to fill and submit the entry form. An email containing a unique link will be sent to the submitted email id on the form. Click on the unique link to enter the game and sign in to your account to get one gameplay.

Starbucks For Life Rare Pieces 2019

Your hunt for Starbucks For Life Rare Game Pieces is finally over. No need to scour the different websites to know which game piece is rare and which one the common. I already did this hard work for you and after extensive research which took me around 2 hours, I compiled this list of Rare Starbucks For Life Pieces 2019. Since this game is open to both the USA and Canada people, I have created two separate lists for each of the countries.

Note: I tried my best to create this mega list of all Starbucks Holiday game pieces. But I am also a human and could commit mistakes. So if you found any error in the list, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

USA’s Game Pieces

Prize(s): Rare Pieces Common Pieces Rare Pieces (Quantity)
Starbucks for Life Skis Snowshoes, Betty the Yetti 5
Starbucks for a Year Pinecone Winter Bird, Professor Owl 15
Starbucks for 6 Months Mixed Nuts Stockings, Miss Mouse 50
Starbucks for 3 Months Silver Bells Puppermint the Pup, Sled 125
Starbucks for a Month Holly Ice Skates, Polar Bear 100
PlayStation 4 system and a code for a 12-month PlayStation Now subscription Snowflake Waddles the Penguin, Shovel 135
400 Bonus Stars Chili Lights Pickle, Candy Cane 200
(2) Atom Tickets Pear Milk and Cookies, Gingerbrad Man 400
150 Bonus Stars Mittens Canberry Sauce, Vickers The Cat 25,000
Starbucks for Life Coffee Collection Yule Goat, Reindeer 2500

Canada’s Game Pieces

Prize(s): Rare Pieces Common Pieces Rare Pieces (Quantity)
Starbucks for Life Betty the Yetti, Snowshoes 2
Starbucks for a Year Professor Owl, Red Robin, Winter Bird 05
Starbucks for 6 Months Miss Mouse 10
Starbucks for 3 Months Puppermint the Pup, Sled, Sleigh 15
Starbucks for a Month Skates, Polar Bear 25
PlayStation 4 system and a code for a 12-month PlayStation Now subscription Penguin, Shovel 15
400 Bonus Stars Gingerbread Man, Cookies and Milk 75
(2) Atom Tickets
250 Bonus Stars Candy Cane 100
150 Bonus Stars Cat, Canberry Sauce 100
Starbucks for Life Coffee Collection Reindeer 50

Final Words

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