Giveaway 2019 – Family Fizz Huge Apple Giveaway


Family Fizz Apple Giveaway

Family Fizz presents you the Family Fizz Huge Apple Giveaway 2019 from which you could get a chance to win launched Apple iPhone XS, iPod Touch, Apple Watch and Beats headphones absolutely free. Entry is free and no payment is required to enter Giveaway. So for whom you are waiting for? Go ahead and win Apple iPhone XS from Family Fizz.

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About Familyfizz iPhone Giveaway

In this Giveaway, 4 lucky winners will be chosen randomly by the gleam from all entries collected during the giveaway period. Each Winner of the giveaway will get one of the Apple products. Giveaway ends on September 13, 2019, and opens for people all over the world.

How to enter Giveaway?

Steps to enter this Family giveaway is very simple. Just follow up these simple steps and you’re good to go!

  • Visit Family Fizz Giveaway Entry page from here:
  • Subscribe to their Youtube channel to obtain entry for the giveaway.
  • Earn more entries and increase your chances of winning iPhone, To earn more entries >> Complete various social actions given on Giveaway page.
  • You need atleast email or any social media account to participate in the Family Fizz Apple iPhone Contest.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly after end of iPhone Giveaway.

Enter Giveaway iPhone Giveaway Rules

Eligibility:  Open to worldwide users

End date: This Family Fizz Huge Apple Giveaway will end on September 14, 2019

Entry Limit: Multiple times

Sweepstakes Prize(s): 1 winner will get newly launched Apple iPhone XS, 1 will get iPad Touch, 1 will get Apple watch, 1 will get Beats headphones

Sponsor: Family Fizz

Family Fizz Wiki:

Family Fizz is a very popular Family Youtube channel which makes videos from which you can expect lots of Fun but always lots of Life Experiences. They love doing silly challenges, tricking each other with pranks, and traveling around the World. Youtube ChannelInstagram | Twitter


  1. Hey I have been watching ur videos for a long time now and I would really love to have a iPhone bc I have never had an Apple phone or any Apple thing befor

  2. Hey am a great fan and supporter of the family fizz… I have been a subscriber before 50k. This would really be a great Christmas gift for me knowing that my birthday is December 25. I am using my rca tablet to enter right now. It would mean alot but if I don’t get it am totally ok with it and I will always be a supporter of this family.

  3. I am a great fan of family fizz. I have been watching before 50 k . I am am using my rca to enter this giveaway because my phone broke around a 6 months now. My birthday is December 25 and it would mean the world to me if I got it as a gift. It is ok if I don’t because I am a loyal fan who will always stay loyal to this family.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. I love you guys i’ve wachted every video. when it’s time for bed I ask to watch one more I realy want this iPhone because i’m subscribed, have notification bell on and follow you on Instagram so plz plz love you guys xxxxxxx

  5. I love u guys and when its time for bed I ask for one more I’ve watched every video so plz plz give it me I wont be mad if I don’t get it but just think I’m subscribe and have the notification bell I follow u on Instagram so plz plz I love u guys ok im not going to be mad if its not me xxxxxxxxx

  6. hey family fizz i really want somthing from the apple store because my iphone 6 has broke and my ipad wont even turn on my birthday is in the 26 December 2009

  7. Hi family fizz I would love to have an apple because it would mean the world to me because never had one and always wanted one but I can not afford me. Love you

    • Hi Family Fizz
      I love all of your videos.
      I would like to win an Apple iPhone xs.
      Please !!
      It would mean the world to me !
      Love you all xxx.
      P.S. Congratulations on 2million subscribers!!

  8. Hi family fizz I have watched all your videos since the start. I would love to have an Apple Watch it would mean the world to me . Love u so much xx

  9. Hi Family Fizz, I would really like an Apple Ipad, I have never had one and sure would like one. Or even and I Phone would be nice.

    Thanking you, I am

  10. Hi fam😊😚 i hope i win bc i have never won before or even have any apple product it would be vert nice to win a phone bc my phone is really old and cracked😥

  11. Hi I am a family fizz member I love your YouTube channels xx❤️ I have subscribed turn on the bell I love you xx❤️ I have been one of your members for over two years xx❤️ Love you guys so much xx❤️ You are fantastic XX ❤️ Wish all the best of Luck xx❤️ Form Courtney Furness xx❤️❤️❤️👍💜💗💘💖 love you guys xxxx❤️❤️💖

  12. Hey family fizz I watch your videos everyday and you guys inspire me to be my self and now I tell other people just be your self because of you . Love you

  13. I love you fizz fam, you are my favourite people and youtubers in the whole world. All of your kids are so nice and every single one of them have the nicest names. May I please have the Apple giveaway because I don’t have a present for my older sister who is turning 30 and her birthday is in 12 days so please give it to me so I can give it my older sister. I have subscribed to your channel I have watched and liked all of your videos I am following your instagram. I love you so can you please Say yes so that my big sister can have the best present ever. Love you bye.

  14. I read about the Apple announcement. From what I understand, we should see a new Airpod Pro. I’m definitely going to pick some up for my iPhone.

  15. Hey Fizz Fam I love you guys and I have been dying to get a Apple Watch my auntie was going to get it but unfortunately she passed away from cancer today last year and it has been very hard for me to save money and I would love a Apple Watch. Love your videos.

  16. Anything would be amazing thank you please consider me as someone you would choose. Love you guys sooo much 😊😊💖💖💖💗💗


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