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Would you like to win a daily cash prize just by reading your newspaper every day? If so, Hearst Newspapers is running an exciting Grab The 30K Cash Giveaway from which you could win a cash prize of $10K in the form of a check. Not only this, there will be 20 weekly prizes of $1000 each as well. So go ahead and obtain your daily entry to win!

To enter, you need to get the 30K Cash Word Of The Day by reading your Hearst newspaper. Don’t worry if you don’t get time to read the morning newspaper as I will update this post with all the code word daily. Thus, you won’t need to worry and just bookmark this post and check daily.

hearst grab the cash contest

How to enter this promotion?

  1. First, Collect the Grab The Cash 30K Giveaway Code word from Hearst newspaper
  2. After that, visit www.30kcash.com
  3. Enter the code word of the day you got from the newspaper and also, your email address and click on “Continue” button.
  4. Next, follow the online instructions to complete all necessary steps and submit to receive your entry.
  5. Enter daily for your chance to win weekly prizes or grand prize once giveaway get ended.

Hearst Newspapers 30k Cash Word Of The Day

Entry Date: Code Word:
Nov 28 Cash
Nov 29 Debt
Nov 30 Mortage
Dec 1 Rebate
Dec 2 Tax
Dec 3 Wealth
Dec 4 Loan
Dec 5 Expense
Dec 6 Margin
Dec 7 Overdrawn
Dec 8 Atm
Dec 9 Rate
Dec 10 Vault
Dec 11 Yield
Dec 12 Penny
Dec 13 Lender
Dec 14 Finance
Dec 15 Donation
Dec 16 Credit
Dec 17 Estate
Dec 18 Money
Dec 19 Profit
Dec 20 Income
Dec 21 Diversity
Dec 22 Budget
Dec 23 Afford
Dec 24 Investor
Dec 25 Earn
Dec 26 Market
Dec 27 Greenback
Dec 28 Percentage
Dec 29 Risk
Dec 30 Coupon
Dec 31 Portfolio

Hearst Newspapers 30K Cash Giveaway 

Eligibility: This promotion is open to any legal residents of the United States, 18+ age is required

Duration: Begins at 6 AM on November 27, 2019 and ends at 11:59 PM on  December 31, 2019

Entry limit: Daily 1 entry per person per day


(1) GRAND PRIZE: $10K in the form of check

(20) WEEKLY CASH PRIZES: There will be 4 weekly winners that will receive $1000 each in the form of check and a total of 20 weekly prizes during the promotion period.

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